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Mt Everest Trekking in Nepal is the adorable experience to the topmost Himalayas. Many mountains peak including the topmost peak Mt Everest trekking is situated in Nepal. Trekking Everest will be done as the walking trial to the Himalayas and the local Sherpa villages in Khumbu region.

Other many outmost peaks are located in the Everest region of Nepal which is best known as the trekking destinations. While on the way to the trekking Everest many local villages passes with a unique culture and tradition of their own. Nepal is also a cultural and religious place. Many religious and cultural heritages are located in the land of Nepal.

Places like Lumbini, Gorkha, Bhaktapur etc have their own religious and cultural values. Trekkers visits there as it is famous for their own unique traditions and religious beliefs. Tengboche monastery is one of the religious Buddhist monastery of Nepal. Mt Everest trekking is located in the Khumbu part of Nepal which will be on the trial to the Everest trek. Other religious places are also located in the Everest trek trial. The Everest trekking is the trial route to the Everest base camp.

Many Sherpa villages passes on the way welcoming a warm greetings to the trekkers. There are many places in Nepal where the trekkers can spend their holidays having a wonderful experience to the new places. Local peoples greetings welcomes warmly to all the trekkers all around the world. it will be a wonderful adventurous experience to the Mt Everest trekking in Khumbu region of Nepal.